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Human Equity

The latest research has involved taking 2 pairs of co-workers to Kampong Thom, Cambodia. The company gifted the money to build a school in a rural area for 165 year 7-9 students and the co-workers gifted time and talent to the Provincial of Education assisting with a Master Building plan for the province.  The research has included an investigation into their attentiveness and aesthesis to human equity.

H2O : Life and Death

I spoke at a conference in Adelaide about The Well Water Project. This has been a studio-like investigation for the final part of the PhD research. I have been interested in the relationships formed between the community, teachers and project managers as we help with supplying flowing water to toilets and hand washing facilites at schools in rural Cambodia

anthropocene interventions II

‘Air is a Gift’ This sculpture is about air movement and the idea that air is ever present.  Air is essential for life; human and non-human alike.  Air transcends time. This work asks the questions; How old is air?  What happens to air in the future?  Air was here before humans and will be here after humans leave the planet.