Nell – working dog


imageFor the next couple of posts I will investigate the relationships of sentient beings living together.

My sister has chosen to live on Flinders Island in Bass Strait between the Australian mainland and the island state to the south called Tasmania.

Nell is a 14 year old working cattle dog who has almost completely retired from herding. She now rides in the car with Liz. Liz gives Nell a ‘command’, Nell barks her ‘command’ to the cattle and they respond accordingly.  In her retirement she is also a care dog within the family. She prefers working, than full retirement and lives inside with the family sharing a bedroom with another human.

I quote Donna Harraway  from ‘When Species Meet,’ ‘the dog people I admire are those who act in companion-species webs with complexity , care and curiosity.     (p 106)

My sister emulates this quote.

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